Real life


In the last year my life is changed more then in the last 5 years before. Nothing newsworthy, just life happening while I’m making other plans. happy things, sad things, boring things, and things that make me human (like being annoyed about not knowing what I’ll eat tonight when I visit my friends).

My year:
I got my diploma…. after 9 years of studying. I got my first job and (luckily) my second job. Felt like a underachiever. Felt like I was on top of the world (not at the same time ofcourse). Broke up. Felt lonely (at the same time but also afterwards). Was afraid I would be alone forever. Moved back to my parents. Was convinced I was a loser. Got a “almost 30 years old” scare. Found my first apartment, completely my own (and my dogs, but she doesn’t care if I make a mess or stay in bed all day, as long as she is allowed to join me). Decided to date 60 people before turning 30 (had about 7 months to achieve that goal). Had 5 dates… and found love.

I was a very real,  very human year.

I start my journey here, with you, with my life, my dog, my dreams, my laundry. I want to be real, clear and honest. Because when I’m honest… my life is seldom like the other lifes discribed on the internet… and I’m proud of that!

Au revoir for now!